We are Christian and Ioana, a young couple formed by a German lad and a Romanian lass.

Both of us love to travel, ride motorcycles and enjoy vegetarian food. To us, traveling does not always translate to "a journey accross the continents". It is about getting out there and exploring the world on any scale. You can travel to the nearby village or discover the forest behind your house. Adventure comes with it, and it comes in various shapes and lengths. The bottom line is: it's all about going “out and about”.

This is our first foreay into writing about our small adventures. There are other journeys, from previous years, which have yet to find their way into this space. As time permits, they will. Mainly though, we'll focus on the road that lies ahead, and the stories it will tell.

Speaking of the road: the map above is not just for decoration. Instead it shows (roughly) where we are in the world; somewhere at the end of the red tip.

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