We are Christian and Ioana, a young couple formed by a German lad and a Romanian lass.

Both of us love to travel, ride motorcycles and enjoy vegetarian food. To us, traveling does not always translate to "a journey accross the continents". It is about getting out there and exploring the world on any scale. You can travel to the nearby village or discover the forest behind your house. Adventure comes with it, and it comes in various shapes and lengths. The bottom line is: it's all about going “out and about”.

This is our first foreay into writing about our small adventures. There are other journeys, from previous years, which have yet to find their way into this space. As time permits, they will. Mainly though, we'll focus on the road that lies ahead, and the stories it will tell.

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Recent Posts

Interactive Balkans and Beyond 2017

Posted on 10 Sep 2017

We have made it home - and want to leave again. Just before that we have found a few minutes reminiscing the trip. If you want to join the fun, we have prepared an interactive map where you can follow the route.

Traveling together

Posted on 27 Aug 2017

To us, one of the best things when traveling is being able to share that experience with someone. Here's to traveling together.

Through Greek moutains

Posted on 25 Aug 2017

The Greek mountains between Kastoria and Ioannina are stunningly beautiful and a blast to ride. We have seen only a handful of cars, very decent road and quaint little villages along the way.

Camping next to Lake Orhid

Posted on 24 Aug 2017

We just left Macedonia heading to Greece, after spending two nights at the super-hospitable Camping Rino. Next time we want to camp right next to Lake Orhid, we know where to stay.

Mavro National Park

Posted on 23 Aug 2017

About 100km South-West of Macedonia's capital lies the Mavrovo National Park. It is a gorgeous place. Hadn't the rain forced us to move on, we'd probably still lay next to the river, eat tomatoes with cheese and marvel at those mountains.

Serbia to Macedonia

Posted on 22 Aug 2017

After only two days we left Serbia heading towards Macedonia. Suffice to say that we had a blast - a good time, and a good ride. We'll be back.

Serbia, a land of surprises

Posted on 21 Aug 2017

Serbia is full of surprises. We saw things we hadn't come across since childhood, seen stark contrasts between old and new, and met very friendly people indeed.

Balkans and Beyond 2017

Posted on 20 Aug 2017

In 2017 we are riding some 5000 around the Balkans. Here are some impressions from this trip.

Hungary to Serbia

Posted on 20 Aug 2017

After spending two days at and in the Balaton, we headed for Serbia. We crossed the Danube a few times, but otherwise it was mainly an exercise in pointing the handlebars in a straight line.

First stop: Austria

Posted on 19 Aug 2017

Austria you beautiful country. It never seizes to amaze with gorgeous mountains and tiny pretty lakes. Next stop: a bigger lake, namely Balaton.